In Loving Memory of Our Founder: A Legacy of Excellence Continues

At Converse Glass we are deeply committed to honoring the legacy of our founder,

Manuel Gutierrez Campoy , who dedicated their life to the art of glass installation. Founded in 2013, Manuel Gutierrez Campoy instilled in us a passion for enhancing the beauty and functionality of spaces through craftsmanship, precision, and innovation. Though Manuel Gutierrez Campoy may no longer be with us, their spirit and dedication continue to guide our mission.

Our Story: Continuing the Tradition of Craftsmanship in Glass

Manuel Gutierrez Campoy started this journey with a simple idea: to provide top-notch glass installation services that transform homes and businesses. We have grown and evolved, but the commitment to quality instilled by our founder remains unwavering. In honor of Manuel Gutierrez Campoy, we continue to carry forward their vision, ensuring that each project exemplifies the craftsmanship they held dear.